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  • Dinner
  • Michelle Wong
  • August 20, 2018


Now before you assume that this is just another post about sushi, Omakase in SF is hands down the best sushi I’ve ever had in my life and I eat a lot of sushi. Granted, I’m not going to Japan until October this is best sushi I’ve had here in the U.S. so far.

Before I start telling you about Omakase, I do want to mention that I have yet to try Ju-ni,Robin and Hinata. Aside from Robin and Hinata where I have received mixed reviews, Ju-ni is my next stop!

I decided to come to Omakase for a celebratory dinner and boy did it feel like I was celebrating something! When you walk into Omakase, it’s so quiet and intimate. It literally seats 15 people max and as you’re escorted into the dining area it’s like you stepped into a restaurant in Japan (or what I imagine fancy restaurants in Japan look like lol…) PSA: You need to sit at the bar! This is where the magic happens. You have the option of two tasting menus, Hideaki which is the smaller version and Yamato which is the full sized version. The party next to us also got the sake tasting which looked like it supplied more than enough for a good time ;) Maybe next time?

I ordered the Hideaki Omakase and the main difference was the sashimi plate and Waygu. Other than that, everything else was exactly the same and price difference was $150 vs. $200.

Quick tip, you can make reservations on Open Table! They do just a couple of dinners per night from what I noticed; 5:30PM or 8:30PM. Make your rezzy in advance!

- Meesh

Palette cleanser- Squid with Japanese Yam from Hokkaido

June 2018 Menu

Course 1: Japanese Eggplant with anchovy and miso sauce. The anchovies were nice and crispy and the miso sauce was thin and light.

Course 2 (Yamato Omakase option): Sashimi = butter, this was beyond amazing. Everything tasted like it was just caught an hour ago. Lightweight drooling right now 🤤

Course 2 (Hideaki Omakase option): Sashimi, same as the Yamato option but without the clam, lobster and king sake toro.

Chef preparing our nigiri. The chefs here have a sense of humor. They were cracking jokes all night and kept the party alive!

🍣 Omakase Nigiri List. Nigiri on nigiri on nigiri. Not all were able to be pictured but I tried to get as many pictures I could get before inhaling every single piece. Also, lobster tamago not pictured but was very delicious.

Course 3. This was the the opening piece into our nigiri journey. I believe this is red snapper😅

Course 4. I'm drooling already 🤤

Course 5. All of the nigiri is pre-dressed so no need to dip into any soy sauce. You can just grab it and eat it!

Course 6

Course 7

Course 8. This was one of my favorite pieces of the night!

Chawan Mushi. This was topped with fresh Uni from Hokkaido.

Uni. They topped the Uni with house cured salmon roe, it was a lot of salmon roe and I normally wouldn't eat it all but I scared this entire thing down! It wasn't fishy at all.

Course 14: Waygu (only with the Yamato Omakase option)- I was so full by this point that I could barely take a bite.

Course 15: Clam broth. This a good way to end the meal. The broth was light, salty and a good entrance to dessert.

Course 16: Coconut panna cotta. What can I say, panna cotta has a sweet spot in my heart and this was no different.

At the end of the night, the waitresses brought out roses for those who were celebrating their birthdays which was super cute. They also gave everyone their housemade chocolate to-go (pictured above) Thank you again for such a beautiful dinner Omakase! :)

Meesh-elin Star Rating - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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