Eating my way through Chicago in 3 days!

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  • EnRoute
  • Michelle Wong
  • July 24, 2018

Hi guys! I’m back. Slight hiccup with my domain and account but I’m up and running again. I’ve finally uploaded all of my pictures from Chicago and can’t wait to tell you about all the food I ate there :)

This is my third time back to Chicago, I’ve been visiting my friend who was completing her Master’s program and it’s hard to turn down new food adventures right? Right. I spent just 3 days here with just a few places left unchecked on my “to-eat list”. Maybe next time?🤔

First things first, if there’s one place I could spend all day in it’s Eataly. Having been to Europe years ago, I’m actually obsessed with this place. Just about everything is imported from Italy and if it’s not, it’s likely made in Chicago. The location in Chicago has their own mini brewery where they sell their hand-crafted beers (they ran out when I visited), local salami and cheeses too! You can easily get lost here for hours since they have restaurants upstairs including a handmade pasta place that is made-to-order.

I decided to try their truffle bologna ravioli which was amazing and super cheap. This dish was only $13. It’s a dangerous place I’m telling you. They also hold cooking classes, do wine tastings and samplings throughout the day. Please. Let. Me. Work. Here. To get a snippet, I took tons of pictures of everything! .

Ok, so you might be wondering, where do you go for snacks and small bites? For me, snacking usually means cheap, small portioned hand-held foods that you can eat on the go. The first place that comes to mind is Portillos, the holy grail of hot dogs. I really can’t think of anywhere better for hot dogs. I scarfed my hotdog down so I didn’t get a picture :(

Now to the meaty stuff, not literally but when it came to dinner there were a lot of good options and it was hard for me to pick. If you’re looking for seafood be sure to check out GT Fish and Oyster! They serve some yummy food and they have a huge oyster but that makes sense right? What surprised me though was how good their paella was! Though GT has small portions, we ordered roughly 9-11 plates for 5 people and there was just enough food to not leave you in a food coma. Obviously I had to try to oysters which were very intense in flavor. Their ahi poke was also suprisingly flavorful and fresh considering I can't help but compare all poke to poke in Hawaii. The halibut was my least favorite dish.

For my last dinner in Chicago, we went to the The Purple Pig and it was amazing! I guess you can expect that with over 4k in reviews on Yelp. Everything on the menu looked amazing from the pictures on Yelp (yes I’m one of those people who check pictures before they order 😝) and so that Tapas style food worked perfectly. The dishes are all Instagram worthy and really yummy. Their milk braised pork shoulder is on the heavier side so by the time we got to this dish, all of us were full from the other tapas...

One thing I could have done without was the chicharron. Super flavorful but it just felt really heavy and powdered. As if pork rinds could be any worse for your diet, their seasoning made me feel all kinds of guilty. The white asparagus makes me want to try making vegetables look that pretty at home but at the end of the day, it is still asparagus.

Side note if you're looking for a fun place to hangout. The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club is a new gem that opened up recently! They have life size checkers, huge shuffleboard floors, and even extra large Jenga to name a few things. They also have a photobooth area and is all around a good time. What I found really interesting is that they do specialty shots of the night and i was lucky enough to try their housemade fireball. I am not a fireball fan at all but this was hands down the best fireball I've ever had. It went down so smoothly I could sip it like juice (clearly dangerous)

You'd think 3 days isn't nearly enough in Chicago and you could be right! If you have any suggestions for Chicago eats, feel free to message me :) I'm always looking for new bookmarks! .