New and Hip Patisserie in South San Francisco!

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  • Michelle Wong
  • February 6, 2018

Spruce Cafe & Patisserie

I feel like coffee has become increasingly popular throughout the years and with new shops popping up at every corner, your choices are truly endless. Most of the new coffee shops are popping up in San Francisco nowadays like the new Ritual Coffee in the Castro district. Where does that leave the rest of us who live along the Peninsula? That’s when I discovered Spruce - the hidden gem in the industrial parts of San Bruno.

Spruce is how I would want my coffee shop to look like - minimalistic with marble and geometric accents. Their coffee makes me want to be a regular coffee drinker. Their pastries have sparked a new love for chocolate croissants, and their staff is always welcoming!

- Meesh

Spruce is nothing your like your Starbucks or Peets. They make a delicious mocha using San Francisco’s very own Ritual coffee beans and a delicious Ghirardelli chocolate syrup instead of powdered cocoa. Their mocha tastes like a dark chocolate cake with perfect foam art and froth, every time. For something not as sweet, try their Havana cappuccino which is a shot of espresso with condensed milk.

Hungry too? Pair almost any of their drinks with a fresh chocolate croissant or sausage and egg danish (made in-house), and you’ll instantly have an amazing start to your day! Fun fact: Right next door, you will find Spruce Cafe’s counterpart, The Night Market. Both Spruce and The Night Market are owned by the same owner and this place is great for a night time snack!

Meesh-elin Star Rating - 🔥🔥🔥🔥-ish

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